About the Smart Technology

About the Smart Technology

What technology has been incorporated into the new system?

The new system is geared to cater the need of every resident and visitor to the Emirate. The addressing system will be available on electronic maps, GPS navigations, apps on smartphones and QR codes.

What is the QR Code? How can it be used?

A ‘Quick Response’ or abbreviated QR code is a pattern of black and white squares, which when scanned via your smartphone or similar device, gives you additional information. Every street sign and every building number across the Emirate will be assigned a smart and unique QR code. Upon scanning the code, the general public can find out details about the meaning of the street name, locate nearest points of interest, be aware of local events in the area, and send the QR code to their friends and family in order to locate them with ease. Service providers would be able to access a separate layer of data for maintenance purposes, allowing for pinpoint accuracy in service delivery.

Have street maps been updated to include the new address system?

Work is in progress to integrate the new address system on street maps. The Department of Municipal Affairs is developing an address search and routing application to serve the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. International GPS systems are also being consolidated to ensure comprehensive access to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Coordination efforts have been initiated with mapping companies such as Google.