About the Signs

About the Signs

What does the number range on the street name signs tell me?

On every street name sign there are one or two arrows with a number range. On main street signs the number range shows the number range within the block, while on internal street name signs one number range shows the number in the starting point of the street till the place you are standing, and the other number range shows the numbers from the place you are standing to the end point of the street.

What is the meaning of the number ranges on the main street signs, e.g. 600 – 699?

For easing the use of the address system in a grid pattern street structure, the address numbers allocated to a block is kept within a fixed range, for instance from 100 – 199 in one block and 200 – 299 in the next block. All blocks will start with a 100-number, but not all numbers will be used within the block. That depends on the number of buildings within the block.

Why is there sometimes a gap in numbering along a street?

For people to find the address they are going to, it makes it easier for them to have approximately adjacent numbers on both sides of the street, called synchronization. Sometimes the number of houses along one side of the street is more than along the other side. To maintain synchronization, a gap in numbering on the one side is introduced. Another reason for gaps is because there are kept unused numbers for future e.g. for empty areas being developed or existing building structures being changed.

Why is my new address number so high or low?

The new house numbers are sequential and are dependent on the number of properties on the street, including any reserved building spaces for the future.

Are there any guidelines for putting my new number on my house or business?

The municipality will put the number sign on the house or on the wall surrounding the house. The general rule is that the address number sign shall be mounted on the right hand side of the main entrance. However, sometime this location is not very visible due to by trees or other poles, and therefore the sign may be placed to the left or above the gate if there is a portal.

Why does one building have two or more different numbers?

You will find two or more different numbers on some commercial buildings that have streets on both sides. The main entrance to the building will have a number to the street it is facing. However, many commercial buildings have the main entrance on one side and shops and offices with separate entrances on another side. In this case the side of the building with the shops and offices will carry a number according to the street they are facing. The address will therefore be different for the shops and offices than for the rest of the building.

We don’t see number plates for the shops – how it is addressed?

In general, only one address is assigned to a building; alternatively, if the shops are facing another street than the main residential entrance to the building, a separate address is given to this side. Addresses for individual shops, flats or offices are called sub-addresses. The address standard provides procedures, rules and guidelines for sub-addressing however, these will be looked at after all building addresses are in place.

What are my responsibilities on the signs, do I have to do anything?

As the owner or tenant of a building it is your responsibility to keep any address number signs clean and ensure that they are clearly visible at all times.

In which area is the new signage currently implemented?

Of the three Municipalities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Municipality is the first to start implementation phase. Street name signs so far have been installed for the main streets on Abu Dhabi Island and part of Al Nahyan district, part of Al Falah district, part of Al Bahya, and Al Maryah Island. Furthermore, address numbers are currently being installed all over the city while preparatory works for the street names are underway.

Why exactly are Abu Dhabi’s streets being renamed?

This process is part of Onwani, an initiative that makes it much easier to navigate to any location in the emirate, so you can find your way faster, simpler and more hassle-free than ever before. Among many other advantages, every major street will now have a unique name while every building will have a unique number, preventing confusion.

Are route numbers only being conducted in Abu Dhabi City?

Yes, this is exclusive to Abu Dhabi Island to assist with the wayfinidng.

How many new street signs will be installed in the capital?

Over the course of 2015 we will install about 17,000 new street signs, in addition to 66,000 new building number plates. These plates have QR codes that can be scanned via smart devices to pinpoint your exact whereabouts, know the nearest points of interest, historical background and nearby events.