Onwani signs and panels

The culture and heritage of UAE has inspired the names for the streets. Main streets have been named in honour of its beloved visionary leaders and scholars, while inner streets focus on Emirati or a district’s historical culture and heritage – for instance, Al Bateen has several names derived from its maritime past.

The prominence of each name has been associated to the street hierarchy network. The Arabic street names are transliterated into English, and the local dialect pronunciations have been verified using local culture and heritage centres, poets and even respected elders from the community.

The street names used in Abu Dhabi reflect the heritage and culture, enhancing the local identity while also connecting the present generation with the rich history.

Simpler, faster, smarter

  • All intersections will now have street name signs.
  • The signs on main streets contain the street name, district name, and building number range from intersection to intersection.
  • The signs on inner streets contain the street name and building number ranges with direction.
  • Every single street name is unique within each municipality, and not repeated anywhere else.
  • To find any location, all you need to know is the street name and building number  and know the city it is within.
  • Odd building numbers are on one side of the street and even numbers on the other side.
  • Building number plates are fixed on each building, or their surrounding walls. A building with multiple entrances may have more than one number, especially if it faces two streets.
  • Route numbers have been added on the overhead street name signs fixed to the traffic signals and gantries at the main street intersections on Abu Dhabi Island, to aid in wayfinding.
  • Every street sign and every address number will be assigned a smart and unique QR code.
  • Upon scanning the code, the general public can find out details about the meaning of the street name, locate nearest points of interest, be aware of local events in the area, and send the QR code to their friends and family in order to locate them with ease.
  • Onwani will also provide alignment opportunity for the separately held location databases of core government entities and private organisations, in order to create a unified addressing platform that can facilitate smarter cross servicing opportunities in the near future.