Addressing System

For the first time in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi every residence and office will have a unique address within a unified addressing system. To find any location, all you will need to know is the building address number and street name, and know the city it is within!

The old addressing system was difficult to navigate around, with duplicating street names and numbers, no sequential building numbering, and landmarks often having to be relied on for directions. The new change will bring the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in line with internationally recognised standards whilst also adopting local culture and heritage. It will provide a universal addressing system across the whole of the Emirate.

The streets signs and building address number plates will have a consistent look and feel, providing Abu Dhabi with a unique identity. The addition of QR codes on every street sign pole and building address number will bring a smart element to the system, where friends and family, and service providers can share address locations accurately. Furthermore, all government and business entities will be provided with an opportunity to align their location databases, enabling everyone to be operating from a universal addressing platform.

Once this project reaches 100% completion, over 19,000 street signs will be installed and over 180,000 buildings will have unique address numbers that will help you find your way faster. For the near future and generations to come, the new systemwill bring a variety of benefits to living, working and visiting the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

The Department of Municipal Affairs, with Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain City and Western Region Municipalities will be overseeing and implementing ‘Onwani’ - My Address; the Abu Dhabi New Unified Addressing and Wayfinding System Project.

It’s smart: Onwani uses the latest technology to help you find any location faster, easier and smarter!

It’s unique: Every single building, farm or premise in the  emirate has a unique address.

It’s simple: All addresses are now consistent, giving clearer  direction and numbering.

It’s instant: You can scan any sign with your smartphone to  instantly know your location.